Today’s Nashville – This Is Faith is traveling to the homes, studios, farms, and barns of country and Christian music’s favorite artists. Focused on faith stories of Grand Ole Opry legends, Christian musicians, authors, and many more, Terry will take viewers along to hear stories of hope and resilience throughout Nashville.

Created by host Terry Squires and produced by Cornerstone Television Network, the show highlights stories of unshakeable faith in an industry full of obstacles. In each episode, Terry interviews guests on their journeys, in their homes, barns or studios, asking uniquely crafted questions that get to the heart of the individuality of each guest’s experience. Each episode is encouraging and uplifting introducing the guests that delve into their journey through the ups and downs of their industries.

Terry Squires is a veteran author, speaker, television host and creator of many gift products for teens and adults. Her 20+ books include the bestselling series, the Communicate Christ series, God’s Stories-My First Thoughts, Bible Stories for Bedtime, Ancient Heroes of the Bible Trading Cards, ONE Impact Bible, and I Seek Truth.

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