Ancient Heroes of the Bible
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  • I Seek Truth (Hardcover) is an intimate journey of 90 devotions that are heartfelt conversations with our Heavenly Father. Each devotion is written in first person so that you can identify with each topic. From Genesis to Revelation, I Seek Truth will encourage you to seek and know God’s Word and His truth for your life.   Author Terry Squires
  • The NIV One Impact Bible is about the One who knows you, the One who saves you, and the One who equips you to follow him to reach the world. Inside, you will read about the power, character, and attributes of God, while discovering your true identity and how special you are as his creation.  
  • Meet the TodaysGirls – Bren, Amber, Morgan, Maya, Jamie and Alex- six ordinary girls from Indiana who create the website. Peek into their daily chats about plans, problems, boys, classes, parents, swim team, and millions of real-life issues heading their way at cyber-speed. It takes faith in each other-and God-to face twenty-first century challenges with laughter, tears, and lots of fun.

    Enjoy these 3 books out of 12 of the bestselling series – – originally published by Thomas Nelson Publishers.
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