This Is Today’s Nashville – This Is Faith


Do you ever question your faith? Do you ever wonder what God is doing?

We all ask questions and face challenges in life – unexpected events that bring us to our knees. But here is the good news! Challenges aren’t meant to weaken us, they’re meant to strengthen us. They aren’t meant to damage us, but to develop us into the character that God wants us to be – perfect, complete and lacking in nothing. But to be perfect, complete and lacking in nothing, we must know His truth and His Word for our lives. When we truly know God, we lack nothing. Our eyes are focused on Him. This is faith.

Every week, Terry and Monica will ask and discuss difficult situations and celebrate the joys we all face throughout our journey as they seek God’s Word and wisdom. From dating, marriage, parenting to current situations, lifestyles and hardships – join them in the heartland of Nashville as they discuss their faith to encourage others.

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